Mahesh Babu’s Gandipeta Rahasyam

Gandipeta Rahasyam

There is a famous adage in Telugu which goes ‘Gandikota Rahasyam’ and this relates to one secret which is hard to unravel. Now, the film nagar circles are talking about another phrase and it is called as Gandipeta Rahasyam. The reason for that is Actor  Mahesh Babu.

According to reports, recently Mahesh went ahead and bought three acres of land in Gandipet quite close to Ocean Park. This has triggered many speculations as to why Mahesh has spent so many crores on this property. They feel he is planning something big.

Gandipeta Rahasyam

Gandipeta Rahasyam

Usually when big film stars invest in a land or buy a chunk of property, the surrounding areas will see a huge demand. But with Mahesh investing on this land, it appears that very soon he would be coming up with something special. For now, all are snooping around to find more details.

Some of the sources say that Mahesh is planning to construct some thing big which is needed for the film industry. Some other says that he is going to build his own house for his family. To have a peaceful life he want to construct the house at the outskirts. After Mahesh buying the land the other lands cost are rapidly increased.

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Gandipeta Rahasyam
Mahesh bought 3 acres of land near Ocean Part in Gandipeta, Hyderabad. Sources says that he is investing money in real estate to have the future plans.