Mahesh Babu Power in Brahmotsavam Without Graphics


There are many factors that constitute the star power and these days, it has to do more with technology. Almost all the big movies come with heavy graphics and especially those sequences which involve the hero to do fights or other stunts.

But there is one star who has got an extremely strong stamina at the box office even without the help of graphics. He is none other than superstar Mahesh Babu. His new film ‘Brahmotsavam’ is currently in the making and already the pre release business has created records.

Mahesh Babu Power in Brahmotsavam

Mahesh Babu Power in Brahmotsavam

This is pure Mahesh Babu power without any graphics. For instance, the major reason why the magnum opus ‘Bahubali’ worked was due to the graphics power. As for Mahesh, his mere presence makes business. ‘Brahmotsavam’ is already talking about a 100 crore business.

In that process, reports have now arrived that Mahesh’s new film Brahmotsavam satellite rights has gone for a whopping 23 crores. The TV channel’s name is not being disclosed and they are confident that one screening of this film on the channel will recover more than 60% of their investment. The film is directed by Sreekanth Addala and Samantha, Pranitha and Kajal Aggarwal are the leading ladies. Music is by the talented Mickey J Meyer.

Brahmotsavam Without Graphics

Article Name
Mahesh Babu Power in Brahmotsavam
Mahesh upcoming movie Brahmotsavam doesn't contain any graphics and the movie unit says that this is the real power of Mahesh Babu.