Madhupriya Husband Issue Time Waste Or Entertainment ?


It is true that the electronic media has got a strong presence in our country today and the fourth estate is being considered much powerful than politicians or bureaucrats. While this is a good thing, it is also important to realize that there is a certain sense of responsibility that comes with it.

Unfortunately, media is turning out to be more of a business for some channels and they are focusing more on sensation than anything else. The latest example for that is the case of singer Madhupriya and her husband. The question is, what was the whole episode about.

Madhupriya Husband Issue

Madhupriya Husband Issue

For two full days the issue between Madhupriya and her husband Srikanth became breaking news and the audience was being battered with their issue. Now suddenly both patched up. So, is it really necessary for such trivial issues to be made into sensation just for TRP? What about value system?

Maadhupriya  just used up the news channel for her name and fame. This is really disgusting. Many people are fed up with this news coverage in the television channel. In two days of the issue Madhupriya scolded her husband in a severe way and finally in the last interview after patch up she is saying he is good and everything is done by their parents. From now news channels should take care for not to have these silly things anymore in their channels only for TRP.

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Madhupriya Husband Issue
Madhupriya war with her husband Srikanth created a rapid fire finally for the viewers. She scolded him for 2 days and finally patch up by thinking media and viewers as fools.