Lyricists Private Programs Getting Bonus Every Year


Royalty payment is a very serious issue in foreign countries where entities are dragged to court when such things are violated. In India, now it is picking up where professionalism is being followed for Royalty.

In this regard, the segment of lyricists and music composers is considered as very lucrative. They reportedly earn in the range of 10,000 to 3 lakhs every year in the form of cheques, which is given by IPRS.

Lyricists Private Programs

Lyricists Private Programs

Right from radio songs to live shows and other platforms whenever their songs are actually played, they are entitled to get money from IPRS. In a way we can say that it is lyricists and music directors who have this privilege when compared to other crafts in films.

The singers are mostly performing in the private programs and this is the main reason how they are getting the income more. Indian Performing Right Society will pay them for these programs they are giving outside. This become the advantage for the lyricists for their work, actually this seems to be the extra work with extra income which fetch them more. Every year there will be unlimited private programs have been conducting for viewers entertainment and this offers them a lot of money to them.

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Lyricists Private Programs
Lyricists getting extra income every year with the help of private programs. There will be extra income for them to be performing on the stage. Cheques are paid by IPRS for each program in every year.