Lifestyle: Raw Vegetables Lead To Cancer?

Lifestyle: Raw Vegetables Lead To Cancer

Lifestyle: Raw Vegetables Lead To Cancer

Lifestyle: Raw Vegetables Lead To Cancer in the modern life. You tend to hear a lot of tips from health and nutrition experts who suggest that having raw vegetables is always better than boiled or cooked ones. However, this tip may not be useful anymore.

The latest set of studies reveal Cooked food is better than raw vegetables and it has nothing to do with the composition of the vegetables but the coating they are getting due to the pesticides.

Due to the over usage of pesticides, it is being reported that the carcinogenic content is going inside these vegetables and it is leading to cancer among many over a period of time. So, make note of this and beware.

In previous days there used to get the vegetable by natural growth. But now a days it become very hamful to eat raw vegetables. Because there is no natural growth only the plants are growing with high usage of pesticides.

People who loves to eat raw vegetables will surely suffer if they continue like this. So the vegetables should be boiled and then the people should eat them. If there is some loss of nutrients also no problem it is better to get low number vitamins rather than Cancer.