Lesson Learnt From Express Raja


If making a good film is one thing the ability to release it in the apt manner is also another thing. In fact, the latter is much more important than the former. There are many films which come with good content and response but fail to click at the box office. This situation has been faced by the movie Express Raja.

A similar lesson is now being learnt by the Tollywood film fraternity after looking at the results of the recent release Express Raja. Despite knowing that three big budget films with big stars are coming, the makers went ahead and released this.

Express Raja

Express Raja

Though the response is good and the collections are also healthy, the business estimate is that Express Raja has lost nearly 5 crores of revenue. So, it is absolutely important to have a right positioning strategy for the release no matter how strong your content is.

Even though there is a full length of comedy in the movie. The family audience mostly preferred Soggade Chinni Nayana movie among all the four movies in Sankranthi race. So the movie unit of this movie lost the collections to a bit. This learn up a lesson for many other small movies that not to release the movie as a competitor to the big movies.

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Lesson Learnt From Express Raja
Even though the movie got the commercial success there is a loss of 5 crores. The reason behind this is the movie has been released as a competitor to the big movies.