KTR Nagarjuna Fan and Sabharwal Mahesh Babu Fan


The nexus between film industry and politicians is always there but usually it is for mutually beneficial reasons. However, there are also times when an element of admiration also exists. Recently, the IT and Panchayat Raj Minister KTR expressed his admiration for ‘King’ Nagarjuna.

The duo was seen together at many events and during one such event, KTR revealed how he is a fan of Nag and his movies. Now, another bureaucrat has reportedly expressed her favorite hero. She is none other than Smita Sabharwal.

KTR : Nagarjuna Fan

KTR Nagarjuna Fan

It is heard that she has mentioned superstar Mahesh Babu as her favorite. As such, Smita herself is a strikingly beautiful lady who has proved her mettle as an IAS officer and she would be having admirers of her own. Anyhow, we have to see who among the leaders and bureaucrats will say they like Pawan Kalyan.

Many are eagerly waiting that which public icon is going to share Pawan Kalyan name in public. There is a huge fan following for Pawan in general. But the fan following from the public icons are never expressed. Hope soon the other public icons like KTR, Smita Sabharwal will announce Pawan Kalyan name to indicate that they are his die hard fan.

Sabharwal Mahesh Babu Fan

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KTR and Sabharwal
Both are the public icons in the society. Once KTR announced that he is fan of Nagarjuna and Smita Sabharwal said that she is fan of Mahesh Babu. Let's wait and see who will announce Pawan Kalyan name!