KTR In Lanco Hills – A New Buzz

KTR In Lanco Hills

The state of Telangana is currently governed by the TRS party and only three names are heard a lot from this. First is CM K Chandrasekhar Rao and next is his son K T Rama Rao or KTR. Last but not the least, the name of Kalvakuntla Kavitha is also heard.

Among them, KTR is becoming more like a face of Telangana and he has been doing a good job at it. Lately, a talk is making rounds that KTR has taken a flat in Lanco Hills and it has become a buzz. While it is not sure if this is true but rates in Lanco are growing due to this.

KTR In Lanco Hills

KTR In Lanco Hills

Many are speculating on why KTR bought a property in Lanco Hills and what is going to be his future plan with this property. While the confirmation is yet to be received on this piece of news, the talk is going strong and it is fetching benefits for the Realtors.

The reason behind this should be known and many are discussing about this. But no one has a clear idea for what he bought the property in Lanco hills. Is his for own use or for the people facilities. Let’s wait and see to find the reason.

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KTR In Lanco Hills
Recently KTR bought the land in Lanco Hills. But no one know the reason why he bought the land in Lanco Hills. Many are discussing on this to know the reason.