Kshanam Remake Rights Go Expensive?


Whenever a film becomes a success it is becoming a trend that the neighboring industries either vie for the dubbing rights or remake rights. If the subject is universal then the demand for remake rights is more. One Telugu film has now become coolfavorite for others.

We are talking about the film Kshanam and reports reveal there is a mad race on for its remake rights. Buzz is that the bids are happening with very large figures since some of the noted production houses are keen to grab the remake rights.

Kshanam Remake

Kshanam Remake

It is common to have the dub films in Tamil. But a film from south getting remade into Hindi is something to cheer about and it is happening now. Reports from Mumbai reveal some of the big Bollywood production houses are impressed with the Telugu film Kshanam. With this, efforts have begun to buy the remake rights so that it can be remade and released in Hindi.

The discussions are currently on. At the moment, nobody knows how much rate it will go for but this is certainly bringing a big smile on the producer PVP’s face. Featuring the handsome hunk Adivi Sesh, the film is directed by Ravikanth Perepu and is an edge of the seat thriller.

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Kshanam Remake
As many are impressed with the move Kshanam there is a lot of buzz for remake. This brings the happiness for the PVP because there will be high amount to be paid for remake rights.