Kshanam Ravikanth Perepu Shifted Suspense To Love

Kshanam Ravikanth Perepu

The general tendency of film directors is that they stick to their signature style of film making and hence the genre they choose is always same. For instance, Boyapati Srinu is famous for mass masala entertainers, Sreekanth Addala is famous for family treats.

But the new age directors are changing that. They are proving their mettle with different genres. One such director is Ravikanth Perepu. Recently, he made his debut with the film Kshanam and scored a big hit. The film happens to be a thriller.

Kshanam Ravikanth Perepu

Kshanam Ravikanth Perepu

With this, many expected Ravi to come up with something similar in his next also but the latest reports reveal he has shifted his genre from suspense to love. Yes, Ravikanth’s next film happens to be a heart rendering love story. Further details will be coming out soon.

Due to the success of Kshanam many are now ready to work with Ravikanth Perepu. He is putting out more stories and twists in the movie. Also his movie making cost is less when compared to other movies. So Ravikanth Perepu now coming up with new script which mostly on Love. Sources says that the cast and crew will be revealed very soon to the social media.

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Kshanam Ravikanth Parepu
Ravikanth Perepu got huge response for his direction for Kshanam movie. Now this is the time for his next movie. This time he is coming up with love entertainment movie rather than suspense.