Kshanam Movie Budget – A Wonder Made With Rs 1.1 Cr


There was a time when the field of films was all about having a passion and doing it from the heart but now it is all about business and how best money can be earned at the box office. As part of that, there are also ways and means of cutting down the costs.

That way, those who can make a film with the least budget are considered as smart filmmakers. One such filmmaker is Ravikanth. He is the director of the new film ‘Kshanam’ which is hitting the screens this Friday. The film is made under the prestigious PVP banner.

Kshanam Movie Budget

Kshanam Movie Budget

Given that banner, many expected the film to be made at a minimum of 3 to 4 crores but here is the actual statistics. The film has been made with just 1.1 crore budget and now nearly 50 lakhs to 1 crore is being spent on the publicity aspect. This is indeed creating a lot of interest on the film.

Due credit for that goes to the director Ravikanth who has cut costs in the effective manner and made a good film with less investment. This would ensure that the film would get table profits before release and if the content is good, it can touch the blockbuster mark easily.

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Kshanam Movie Budget
Kshanam movie budget is really unexpectable. Everyone feels it as a high budget movie but the entire movie is finishes up within 1.1 Cr. This credit goes to the director Ravikanth.