Kshanam and Terror Won At Box Office


Tollywood is a big industry and the talk is always about the big stars and their big budget films. But truth is, the real spine of Tollywood comes from the small and medium budget films like Kshanam and Terror which are made in large numbers. And they face the brunt many times.

Small films becoming a success are nothing short of a miracle and whenever they click it is a sensation. This has been a great week for Telugu Film Industry and the reason for that is, two small budget films made with shoestring budget have worked well at the box office.



They were made with out-of-the-box story lines and gripping narration. They are ‘Kshanam’ and ‘Terror’.  It is also unfortunate that ‘Terror’ has not got sufficient theaters despite rave reviews. Despite that, the potential of both the films looks promising so let us wish they get the due encouragement.

Both the films released on the same day. Terror got more response and it got the Srikanth image back to him after a long time. Kshanam movie also got the image for Adivi Sesh, Anasuya and Adah Sharma. Both the movie unit are in the celebration of success. Other movie released on the same day not getting more collections.


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Kshanam and Terror
Both the movies are released on the same day and grabbing the collections at the box office. Both have the prestigious collections and going forward in Tollywood.