Krishnam Raju Keen On His Health

Krishnam Raju

With each passing day the age keeps increasing and with growing age, there are many issues that come. Usually, once you touch 60, different type of issues crop up and they get aggravated when you touch 70. But some don’t get affected by it.

Rebel star Krishnam Raju is one man who is known for his towering personality and his graceful look. There was a time he was looking very weak and mild. It is heard that he was suffering from some health issues and it also created some tension and anxiety.

Krishnam Raju

Krishnam Raju

But the tough man that he is, Krishnam Raju has now changed his total look. He is looking strong and news is that he is following a very strict food regimen followed by proper exercise. The senior star is 76 years old but not many are ready to believe it. He is truly an inspiration.

He also get into the work of his own production and actively participating in it. Also Krishnam Raju attending some audio launches and other functions of film industry very frequently. Recently he came to the Super Star Sri Sri function and showed his bold presence. He is very active and strong when compared to the past few months.

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Krishnam Raju
Now a days Krishnam Raju taking care of his health more. Also he is doing the work in his own production for upcoming movies. This shows up his interest on the health.