Krish Creating A Unique Record?

Krish Creating A Unique Record

Krish Creating A Unique Record with Kanche and Rayabari movie. During the 70s 80s and 90s there was a culture of pairing up hero and heroine repeatedly for a film owing to their success factor. They were also called as the Golden Pair in that time and Tollywood has seen quite a number of them.

However, it was never a situation wherein the hero and heroine would pair up for back to back films. But in today’s time, one filmmaker is creating a unique record. He is none other than the intellectual filmmaker Krish. Recently, he directed the film ‘Kanche’.

Krish Creating A Unique Record

Krish Creating A Unique Record

This has mega prince Varun Tej along with new girl Pragya Jaiswal. Now, Krish is preparing for his next film which is titled as ‘Rayabari’ and this also has Varun and Pragya as the lead pair. This is perhaps the first time a director is working with the same hero and heroine back to back.

They got the name of the hit pair with the movie Kanche and again the same luck can be repeated. Rayabari movie script is very much differentiated to Kanche movie script. Everytime Krish movie making is different and it attracts the viewers which related to the normal life. Hope Rayabari movie also creates a sensation in Krish film career.

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Krish Creating A Unique Record
Krish Creating A Unique Record by taking up Varun and Pragya again for Rayabari movie after Kanche.