Killing Veerappan’s Original Pic Shocks All

Killing Veerappan

Killing Veerappan

Killing Veerappan hero original picture really varies his look from the movie. As an actor, when you portray the role of someone living or dead people tend to draw a lot of comparison on how similar you look. But there are very rare times when the actor becomes as good as the original.

That has been the reaction after looking at the picture of reel Veerappan. His name is Sundeep Bharadwaj and recently his original photo was unveiled which shocked everyone. It is a total contrast.

‘Killing Veerappan’ is releasing on January 1st and after looking at Sundeep people are more eager to watch the movie. The icing on the cake is his solid and hard hitting performance. Get set for the action thriller then.

Killing Veerappan is an upcoming movie in Telugu and Kannada languages. After some days it is also going to release in Tamil language also. Ram Gopal Varma is the director of Killing Veerappan movie.

Fans of Ram Gopal Varam is eagerly waiting for the movie which is going to release in the new year. Also Ram Gopal Varma going to watch this movie in Bangalore in the 1st show on January 1st itself.

He want to see the fans reaction of Kannada and Telugu people who are staying in Bangalore and then he want to release the movie in Tamil also.

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