Keerthi Chawla Reentry as Mother Roles Or Still Heroine?


Not many heroines get to score a big hit with a debut film and Keerthi Chawla was one such cooland young girl who achieved it with Aadi. The film which released 13 years ago was a massive hit.

It was directed by Sensational film maker VV Vinayak and later she did some forgettable films which no one remembers. Again after a long gap, this actress is making noise with her photo shoots and as usual the comeback hungama.

Keerthi Chawla Reentry

Keerthi Chawla Reentry

Now that Keerthi Chawla is planning a comeback, many are asking whether she is planning to come back as heroine or in mother roles. When glamor actresses like Bhumika couldn’t do anything worthwhile in second innings it will be interesting to watch the moves of Keerthi Chawla.

As she acted up in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Hindi films, still there is no stardom for her in the film industry. She is acting a while and there is no success. Her age has crossed thirties and the her look also changed completely. There is no heroine cool appeal and look for Keerthi Chawla. So if she starts her second innings then surely she will get mother roles for her looks. Let’s see what she is going to do!

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Keerthi Chawla Reentry
Keerthi Chawla wants to have a reentry to the film industry for her second innings. But many are asking that her looks and shape doesn't suit for heroine roles and better to have mother roles.