Kattappa Becomes The Busiest

Kattappa Becomes The Busiest

Kattappa Becomes The Busiest

Kattappa Becomes The Busiest in Tollywood film industry also. Sometimes few actors perform their roles so intensely that they tend to get addressed with that same name. The latest to join that list is the senior Kollywood actor Sathyaraj also known as Satire Star Sathyaraj in Kollywood.

But his new name happens to be Kattappa after his powerful role in the magnum opus ‘Bahubali’. All are calling him by that name only and thanks to that, he has become a very busy name in the Tollywood circuit.

Many are opting for Sathyaraj for senior roles and interestingly even Sathyaraj is also obliging to those offers in Telugu. Reports say getting hold of Sathyaraj has become the most challenging thing now.

Before that Sathyaraj used to get more offers from Tamil film industry but now after Bahubali he is getting more offers from Telugu. Lead roles in the movies are playing by him and the offers also getting accepted by Sathyaraj for almost all the movies.

Recently in Nenu Sailaja movie also he got the opportunity as heroine father and Tollywood film industry said that he is apt for his acting in some roles and moreover all these opportunities are grabbing him only because of Bahubali movie.

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