Karthi Tollywood Craze Couldn’t done by Vijay

Karthi Tollywood Craze

There is always good market for Tamil heroes in Telugu and most of the heroes are well known here as the dubbed films always performed well, if content was meaty enough. Now after the southern stud Siddharth, a Tamil hero has achieved success in Telugu.

Already the sharp eyed Tamil star Karthi has been received well through dubbed movies for last few years and he along with brother Surya had spoken of plans for direct films in Telugu. Even superstar Vijay had tried hard to make an impact here.

Karthi Tollywood Craze

Karthi Tollywood Craze

But he has always lagged behind. Vijay has tried a lot but he could not get the right success but Karthi has achieved this with Oopiri. His appearance has been applauded as well as his performance in Oopiri by Telugu audience.

Karthi impressed Telugu audience with his movie Awara along with Tamannah. From then his Tamil movies are getting dubbed and having a lot of craze in Tollywood. Now he had done a direct film in Telugu along with Nagarjuna and Tamannah which is Oopiri in Telugu and Thozha in Tamil. This movie got a huge success and there is a high stardom craze for Karthi in Tollywood now. Hope he will continue this craze in Tollywood more and more.

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Karthi Tollywood Craze
After the success of Oopiri movie in Tollywood, Karthi build a high success rate in a short period of time. But actor Vijay trying for this stardom from long time in Tollywood but he couldn't make it.