Kamma Kapu Song in Vangaveeti


Another surprise to RGV fans. Kamma Kapu Song in Vangaveeti is released onto the social media. In what can be called as a shocker to the film fraternity and especially the cine buffs, the announcement by eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma about the film Vangaveeti being his last in Telugu is not going too well. Many are hoping he will change his mind soon.

For now, RGV has released the first song from the film titled as Kamma Kapu. Those who heard this say it has the same intensity and loudness that RGV’s film songs always have. The music has received weak scores because it was rather morose and not that appealing.

However, what makes the song excellent is the lyrics by Sirasri. It gives a nice insight on Kamma mentality and Kapu mentality. The essence revolves around Kammas and their power play while Kapus countering it. The song is reflecting that clash which erupted into a bloodbath in Vijayawada. Even RGV was quite impressed with the song and shared his thoughts through his tweets.

Already reports reveal this has triggered a constant fight between the Kapus and Rajus. On one side, the Kapu groups say to the Rajus “Your person has put our hero’s name as title. He wants our person for his money.” For this, the Rajus are retorting saying “Nothing like that, he is sure to come up with some parody and spoof certaintly.”

Kamma-Kapu Song in Vangaveeti

Kamma Kapu Song in Vangaveeti

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Kamma Kapu Song in Vangaveeti
Vangaveeti is an upcoming movie by Ram Gopal Varma. One of the song has got released by targeting Kamma and Kapu casre. Lyrics by Sirasri.