Kalabhavan Mani Death had Suspicions Around

Kalabhavan Mani Death

The very demise of a talented actor brings a cloud of gloom over the entire film fraternity and many would feel his or her absence for a long time. But when the cause of the death is deemed as unnatural it really creates a lot of disturbance and confusion.

This is currently the situation in Mollywood and Kollywood. Recently, it was announced that the well known actor Kalabhavan Mani passed away and the reason given was liver related ailment. But now, the police has registered the case as unnatural death considering the circumstances.

Kalabhavan Mani Death

Kalabhavan Mani Death

It is heard that Kalabhavan Mani was found unconscious at his farmhouse and traces of methyl alcohol were reportedly found. For now, the postmortem is going to take place and all are wishing nothing criminal or wrong has happened with Kalabhavan Mani.

One of the most grateful actor who started his career as mimicry artist and then to folk singer and character artist. Even after getting the opportunities in the movie, he worked as Auto Driver in Kerala to meet his needs. He is a great actor who also got popular in Tollywood with Gemini movie along with Venkatesh. Kalabhavan Mani played Ladda character in Gemini movie.

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Kalabhavan Mani Death
Kalabhavan Mani Death news created a very great loss to the film industry. Mean while there is suspicious around the death of Kalabhavan Mani and noted as unnatural death.