Sushma Raj Crawling Up In Career as Jr Anushka

Sushma Raj

Sushma Raj

Sushma Raj is an upcoming heroine in Tollywood. There are those instances wherein some budding heroines resemble someone who is already established. In that aspect, the cooland sizzling Sushma Raj is known as Junior Anushka owing to her coollooks and striking beauty.

She made her debut with the movie ‘Maaya’ and was later seen in the movie ‘Joru’. Though she hails from Karnataka, Sushma is very much a Telugu girl. Now, she has taken the big pie by pairing up with none other than Sunil.

Sushma RajSushma is playing the leading lady’s role in the movie ‘Veedu Gold Ehe’ and though Richa Panai is the other leading lady, buzz is that the focus is more on Sushma. Many feel she has the potential to become a leading actress in future. Best of luck Sushma!

Sushma Raj soon will have the opportunity as lead actress if the movie with Sunil becomes a hit. She have taken the projects which plays a key role in the movie. But now she want to take a movie which plays around her as a key.

Even though she came from Kannada film industry she was very much have a look of Telugu girl and she also in the process learning Telugu in the shooting spots. This also helps her to grow in Tollywood.

Sushma Raj
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