James Bond Series as Rayabari with Varun Tej

Rayabari with Varun Tej

Rayabari with Varun Tej

Rayabari with Varun Tej movie makes a James Bond Series part in Tollywood. You don’t need an introduction to the name James Bond because he is the world famous secret service agent. A number of films have come with James Bond signature style and even Tollywood have its share of flicks.

Now, it appears that one filmmaker is keen to come up with a series of sorts that can reflect James Bond in India. He is none other than the intellectual film maker Krish and the film is ‘Rayabari’.

This has mega prince Varun Tej in the lead and it is heard that Varun is essaying the role of a spy in it. The shooting will happen majorly in foreign locations and buzz is that if this works then Krish will come up with a series of James Bond flicks. Already there was a block buster hit for the combination Krish and Varun Tej by Kanche movie.

Now this is the second movie they both are going to work together. They both want to take Pragya Jaiswal as heroine in the main role with Varun Tej. So by this 3 people work again works out into a block buster hit. Even Krish is happy to work with the hit pair because the audience already accepted their combination in Kanche movie which is a block buster hit.

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