Kranthi Madhav Success Is Not A Thermometer For Career


In film industry, although it is a fact that success plays a major role for one’s career, sometimes everything is not dependent on success. Director Bhaskar who was once successful is not to be seen much after the debacle of Orange.

Similarly Kranthi Madhav had come up with a value oriented movie in the form of Onamalu and a hit movie like Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju but still he is struggling to work in big movies and now he is teaming up with Sunil for Jakkanna.

Kranthi Madhav

Kranthi Madhav

Popular director RGV who has been delivering flop films is still loaded with projects. This proves that success is definitely not the thermometer and it is the ability to convince the producers of making workable films that matters more.

Now there is lot of craze for Sunil movie. Even in Sunil career success is not appearing more but he is getting chances to work in the movies in the lead roles and now he begin up the shoot of Jakkanna with the director Kranthi Madhav. Mannera is playing the lead actress role in Jakkanna movie. Vamsi akkela is the producer of this movie. Let’s see how this combination will work and later who will be again in the success lead.

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Kranthi Madhav
Kranti Madhav is one of the best director in Tollywood. His movies like Onamalu, Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju movies are the biggest hits. Even though there are no offers for him regularly.