Jabardasth Show Controversy Brought Them Popularity


If there is any show which has created nothing short of sensation, then it is Jabardasth- The Katarnak comedy show. It has become so popular in the small screen circuit that almost every household in Telugu states watch this show.

Initially it targeted more of family audience and later it started featuring more of content which has started attracting controversy. Certain caste leaders also objected to few skits and physically attacked the contestants.

Jabardasth Show Controversy

Jabardasth Show Controversy

This show has supplied some of the best comedy talent to film industry lately. Now a court has accepted a case which says the show has degraded law fraternity. Anyway, it is the back to back controversies which is giving it more and more popularity.

Already before this issue many times Jabardasth show controversy got the popularity. Many times it has happened for degrading some caste and insulting women more. Vulgarity has got expressed more in some number of skits. Many of the viewers consider that as comedy but few are not able to digest that vulgarity as comedy. Attacking the contestants also happened some times and filed a complaint about this and some how all went legally. Let’s see what happen this time!

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Jabardasth Show Controversy
Jabardasth is one of the most entertaining comedy show in one of the television channel. This show has got more popularity with controversy. Due to some vulgarity and caste degrading skits this show faced many problems.