It’s Adivi Sesh After Siddharth

Adivi Sesh

The number of heroes who are currently in the Tollywood circuit is quite high but among them, there are those rare breed of heroes who emit waves of talent and multi-skill ability. For a long time, the southern stud Siddharth held that position.

These days, he has relegated himself to the Kollywood circuit but now Tollywood has got his replacement. This is in the form of the handsome hunk Adivi Sesh. It is heard that Sesh is an expert in writing, screenplay, singing, direction and of course acting.

Adivi Sesh

Adivi Sesh

Those who have known him say Sesh is constantly filled with ideas and has good grip on the crafts of cinema. His elder brother Adivi Saikiran is a well known director. As for Sesh, many say his talent is just like Siddharth. He sure has a bright future then.

After the movie Kshanam many of the people are showing interest on Adivi Sesh for their upcoming movies. Really Kshanam movie gave him the biggest break. Previously Sesh acted up in many films in an important role. But now for Kshanam he played a full fledge as a hero. Now everyone in the movie unit are enjoying the success of the movie. Wishing Adivi Sesh all the best for his next projects!

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Adivi Sesh
Adivi Sesh is one of the most talented hero in Tollywood after Siddharth. He is an all rounder who is an expert in dancing, singing, acting and screen play and so on.