Is This Right Gesture By Chakri Family?

Chakri Family

Being successful and famous also brings a certain level of responsibility and identity in the society so it is important to carry that with grace. But there are some individuals who fail to realize that and behave as if they belong to some uneducated background.

That is the impression being given by the family of the noted music director Chakri. Within few days of his demise, his wife and mother got onto the roads fighting for property. The latest issue is about Chakri’s mother and brother sitting on road staging a dharna.

Chakri Family

Chakri Family

While that has a reason, for every small thing getting Chakri’s photo on road is causing a bad feeling for many of Chakri’s fans and the film fraternity. They are asking whether such gestures are really necessary from his family. Hope sense prevails upon them.

When Chakri is alive he had a good name and fame in his life. But the family members of Chakri is now dropping out the name of Chakri by putting him in the news in another way. His family members saying that Chakri’s wife is not looking at them. When media asked to wife, she is saying that previously they didn’t look onto Chakri and always they need money.

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Chakri Family
Chakri family members are taking out his name and fame in the film industry. They are bringing the family matters onto media for the sake of Chakri's assets.