Is RGV Statement Believable?


The celebrities of the film industry are very conscious about their acts and words in public so they think twice before giving out any statement. But among them, there are also those who don’t really care much for what others think and speak what comes to their mind.

One such person is the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma and he is quite famous for his sensational statements now and then. The latest from him is that ‘Vangaveeti’ will be his last film in Telugu. This has led to a cloud of gloom over the RGV fan camp in Telugu states.

RGV Statement

RGV Statement

But there are those intellectuals who are debating whether his statement can be believed. They state that earlier also RGV came up with statements and changed them in no time. For now, all his fans and well wishers are hoping this statement does not turn out to be true.

This Vangaveeti title has been declared by Ram Gopal Varma and this is his upcoming project. Always Ram Gopal Varma used to have controversy but this time his title itself creating the controversy between the normal people. On the name of the caste stupid people starts to fight and this becomes a biggest rupture in Bhimavaram.

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RGV Statement
Everyone is confused with the statement of RGV. RGV announced that Vangaveeti is his last project and not going to continue further.