Is RGV Serious About Vangaveeti?

RGV Serious About Vangaveeti

RGV Serious About Vangaveeti

RGV Serious About Vangaveeti is the most hilarious question in the film industry. Whenever a filmmaker announces a project, it is as good as confirmed to be happening. But that’s not the case when the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma announces. This is because he comes up with something new every week.

Given his volatility, talks are now making rounds as to whether RGV is really serious about his recently announced project ‘Vangaveeti’. He has given a statement and a TV interview also but after that, there is no follow up.

RGV Serious About VangaveetiSome of them are also reminding that few months back, he announced a movie called ‘Spot’ like that and went silent. For now, he is busy revealing in the success of his latest release ‘Killing Veerappan’. As for ‘Vangaveeti’ we have to wait and see.

Vangaveeti is the movie that is completely based on Vijayawada politician Vangaveeti Mohanranga biography. Ram Gopal Varma want to make a certain period of story from his life and want to produce in the form of film. This script may have about his personal life and professional life and about the person who killed Vangaveeti Mohanaranga.

Already Ram Gopal Varam is gathering the complete information of Vangaveeti Mohanaranga from everyone individually and making the script ready. We have to wait when Ram Gopal Varma starts out the movie.

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RGV Serious About Vangaveeti
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