Is It Sridevi Biggest Mistake?

Sridevi Biggest Mistake

Sridevi Biggest Mistake is going to spoil her daughters film career. Though there are many heroines in the history of Indian cinema, there are only very few who have a very special status. One among them is the Athiloka Sundari Sridevi. She has ruled the roost in both north and south for a very long time.

She has an amazing fan following even today but it appears that her decisions towards her daughters are not that great. Sridevi has Jhanvi and Khushi and even before they have made it to movies, an over exposure of them is happening.

 Sridevi Biggest Mistake

Sridevi Biggest Mistake

Generally, people would like to see star kids on the silver screen out of curiosity but that fades if the star kids are often in spotlight. From a long time, Sridevi has been allowing Jhanvi and Khushi to come up with their pictures regularly and some feel this is not a right way to keep the interest element alive.

This may reduce the interest to have them on the screen. Also Sridevi daughters are also making some vulgar things infront of the media and getting caught by drinking and roaming in the night times. This also damages the image of Sridevi and also reduce the chances which are going to come for their daughters for the movies.

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Sridevi Biggest Mistake
Sridevi daughter Jhanvi and Khushi are always exposed to the social media and this ruins their upcoming film career.