Interesting Perspective of Shourya Movie

Shourya Movie

Shourya Movie is an upcoming film in Tollywood by Dasaradh and Shiva Kumar. The moment a movie is announced and the promotion begins, you start getting a fair idea of how the movie would be and what the genre is. But that has not been the case with the movie ‘Shourya’ which has the rocking star Manchu Manoj.

Though the posters say it is a thrilling love story, the very feel of the images shows there is something more to it. This time, they have come up with a new caption that has triggered the interest levels of many. It is about a perspective on a situation.

Shourya Movie

Shourya Movie

The makers say every incident that happens has three dimensions to it. One-what people imagine, two- what the maker narrates, three- what actually happened. This perspective is something to look forward to and we would know the complete picture once the film releases.

Shourya is an upcoming movie in the Tollywood starring Manchu Manoj and Regina Cassandra in the lead roles. In this movie Manchu Manoj appears in a new style along with handsome look. From the past movies there are no biggest for him in Tollywood, now by the movie Shourya hope he get a huge success and his fans may feel proud of him for this different movie.

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Shourya Movie
The interesting facts about he Shourya movie is being hide by the movie team to have a suspense story.