Indian Twitter Celebrities Are Wasting Image


The presence and power of social media doesn’t require any introduction because it has become the best platform to earn celebrity quotient as well. Some of the noted film celebrities use it wisely and promote themselves but on an average, the Indian celebrities are wasting their image on Twitter.

Take for instance the media queen and TV personality Oprah Winfrey. Recently, she just came up with a tweet regarding a product and that has fetched her a whopping 12 million dollars. She has earned so much because she makes a very sensible use of her tweets and that too with content.

Indian Twitter Celebrities

Indian Twitter Celebrities

On the other hand, Indian celebrities are coming up with boring tweets and lost their value. Currently, the brand value in Twitter is there for power star Pawan Kalyan and superstar Mahesh Babu. Taking Oprah as the cue, let us see if Mahesh does some promotion through Twitter as well.

Mainly our celebrities are using Twitter only for the putting controversial issues rather than the movie promotions. If one start to put the movie promotions then immediately some other will tweet that with some funny comment which leads to controversy. It’s better to have a good tweets on Twitter to have some big movie promotions.

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Indian Twitter Celebrities
Our Twitter Celebrities are wasting their image with simple tweets. Instead of that it's better to have some movie promotions with their tweets.