Image Issue For Chiranjeevi 150th Film

Chiranjeevi 150th Film

It is more than an year since the talk is on about the comeback film of Megastar Chiranjeevi and since it is also his milestone 150th movie, the attention is more. But now, a new talk is happening whether Chiru still holds the image that he used to have a decade ago.

A lot of discussion is happening on that matter and some say “He did guest role in Bruce Lee but fact is, not many cared and they didn’t even search for that clipping on Youtube. With this situation, we really doubt if there will be any craze for his comeback film.”

Chiranjeevi 150th Film

Chiranjeevi 150th Film

But another group says “Nothing like that. Megastar is megastar and just because he stepped down from Tollywood throne, it doesn’t mean his fame has come down. Moreover, this is his 150th film so it is a very prestigious matter. No compromise will be done this project and it will be a sure scoolblockbuster.”

Already, they are in a state of confusion and disappointment over the rights issue of Chiru’s comeback venture. Some are saying it is better an official announcement comes from the mega compound and that would bring a lot of relief to the fans.

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Chiranjeevi 150th Film
Many people thinking that Chiru image has dropped. It is because there is no high craze for Chiru when he appeared in Bruce Lee Movie.