Ileana Turn After Asin?

Ileana Turn After Asin

The fate of some heroines is rather strange and to some extent, even they can also be held responsible for their decisions. Few years back , the coolMalayalam beauty Asin was hottest property in south. She rocked in many films and at the peak time, she felt she deserved something better.

As a result, chucking all the offers here, Asin shifted to Bollywood and as fate would have it, she didn’t shine as expected. So, she married the CEO of a big company and left the industry. Now, some industry experts feel the cool hip beauty Ileana also might follow suit.

Ileana Turn After Asin

Ileana Turn After Asin

She is a Goa girl and despite having huge demand in Tollywood, she has quit the industry and moved to Bollywood. So far, Ileana has not been able to shine. Now, she would be seen in a film ‘Rustom’ and sources say this movie is the deciding point for her career. If it works then fine else she would also get married to her alleged foreign boyfriend Andrew.

Some heroines at particular extent feels Bollywood is better and move there for offers. But unfortunately those people won’t get much response and see the list of failures in their film career.

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Ileana Turn After Asin
In the beginning Asin went to Bollywood and as there are no chances she got married. Now it's the turn for Ileana to decide her future.