cool Malayali Aunty Shweta Menon Scary Story

Shweta Menon

Tollywood has been the green haven for many actresses from different states and after coming here, they created their own impact. Interestingly, girls from Kerala always struck Telugu men with their beauty and sensuous cool appeal. Shweta Menon is going to act in Scary story in Telugu.

The likes of Amala Paul, Nadhiya, Asin, Nayanthara are few examples. Another name that is also spoken about is that of Shwetha Menon. Though her presence was brief, Shwetha Menon has always stood as one among the sought after cool symbols.

Shweta Menon

Shweta Menon

But this time, Shwetha has decided to scare the wits out of the audience. She is coming up with a movie titled as ‘She’ and sources say this has horror elements in it. The film also has Mahat Raghavendra doing a key role. This is a Telugu film so Shwetha’s fans are happy.

Shweta Menon is an Indian actress who is a model and Television Anchor in the begining of her career. At first she acted more in Hindi and Malayalam films. Later she entered into Tamil and Telugu film industry. In Telugu she appeared in Desha Drohulu, Anandam, Rajanna movies. Now her new movie is going to be She movie in Telugu.

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Shweta Menon Scary Story
Shweta Menon is going to act in She movie which is going to horror movie in Tollywood.