Ladduz: Lady Puli Nikesha Patel Pulls Attention

Nikesha Patel

Sometimes one film is enough to make you famous and this is something the fish eyed beauty Nikesha Patel knows well. She paired up with power star Pawan Kalyan in the film ‘Puli’ and became a celebrity overnight. Here she is once again pulling all the attention with her cooland sizzling looks. Nikesha’s biggest asset is her eyes filled with temptation and passion while her smile does the rest of the magic. Enjoy this special offering from the Lady Puli.

Nikesha Patel

Nikesha Patel

Nikesha Patel is a Indian model and film actress. She born in United Kingdom and before moving to India and entering into the film industry she is a part of several BBC TV shows. She acted in Puli movie in 2010 in Tollywood. Later Puli movie she also worked in Tamil and Kannada films.

After Puli she acted up in Om 3D movie. This movie also didn’t grab much success at the box office. Later she signed up in two more movies in Telugu but they are delayed. One movie is Rambha Oorvasi Menaka and the other title is not yet confirmed. Even though her acting and dancing skills are good, she is unable to grab the offers in Tollywood.

Nikesha Patel
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