Ladduz: Cool Kashmira Kulkarni


Many years ago one Bollywood girl named Kashmira came to the industry and sizzled for a while. Now, it is the turn for another Kashmira. Her name is Kashmira Kulkarni and the first impression reveals she has a very seductive charm along with a cool attitude. The second catch point is her physical beauty. Kashmira is posing in a sensuous way and her long legs give that additional delight in the most stylish manner. Enjoy this treat!

Kashmira Kulkarni

Kashmira Kulkarni

Kashmira had a number of tragedies in her personal life, she lost her father when she was just 4 years old and her mother in 2002 to a paralysis attack. Moreover, she also lost a young brother in 2012. Since the boy had no parents, she had to perform the final rites for him.

She was born in a theater, when her mother had gone to watch the movie Naach Mayuri. Her mother had a dream, that she becomes an actress. Her journey to Mumbai was also difficult. For her audition, she was almost rejected for her role as Urmila in Char Divas Sasuche, but Rohini Hatangadi identified her spark and selected her.

She also had to sleep on the street in Andheri during this period. Her movie Carry on Maratha with Gashmeer Mahajani was well received by the audience. Along with her acting career, she also runs a jewellery designing business and employs around 60 women in her firm.

Kashmira Kulkarni
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