cool: Uttej’s Daughter Chetana

Uttej's Daughter Chetana

Uttej’s Daughter Chetana

Uttej’s daughter Chetana creating sensation in Tollywood. Star kids have their own special charm and when they decide to enter the silver screen, many look at how worthy they are. So, here is one girl who is preparing for her arrival and has already got the distinction marks. She is none other than Chetana Uttej, daughter of character artist Uttej. As you can see, this girl has got the right blend of homely beauty along with that sensuous cool appeal that audience love to relish. Enjoy this Laddu!

Uttej's Daughter ChetanaUttej is a great character artist in Tollywood film industry and now he is going to introduce his daughter as heroine to the Tollywood. Uttej gave entry by the movie Siva and introduced by the famous director Ram Gopal Varma. He worked with many senior actors and got a good name and fame in the film industry.

Uttej got Nandi award for the movie Chandamama for his unlimited comedy and he also worked as Assistant Director for Gulabi movie. His talent and luck gave a path to travel in the film industry from 1989 to till date. Now he is going to introduce his daughter Chetana to the films as heroine rather than character artist.

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