cool: Slender Beauty Kimaya

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Kimaya is an upcoming actress in the film industry. Women come in different sizes and shapes but there is always that one thing which attracts everyone. As for the heroines, it is the slenderness and sharp looks that make the difference. Here is one such girl. Her name is Kimaya and as you can see she has a hourglass figure with the right kind of protrusions and curves. The major part of the passion comes from her eyes and her beautiful face gives the required amount of temptation to any man.



She is model and she recently entered into the film industry. She is going to appear in some films which are going to release in 2016-17. Her looks are attracting the directors to take her into movies. She started her career as a model and act in some advertisements. Now through those ads she grabbed the chance to act in the movies. There are some offers from other industry also.

After a movie release may be she will busy with the movies from other industry also. The movie details like title, director, hero and the other technicians are not released. She said soon they will release the details of all the movies she is going to act in film industry.

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