cool: Adah Sharma with Magnetic Low Neck

Adah Sharma

Women are a privileged lot because they have umptien options to dress up and look beautiful and attractive. This is more in terms of the dresses they wear and the way they get them styled. In the Saree department, the low neck blouse has become the in-thing which exposes the back in a very big way. Here is one heroine using it to the fullest and grabbing attention. She is none other than Adah Sharma and as you can see, her blouse has gone extremely low and literally touching the mid of her spine. This is being considered as a festive treat by her fans and you can relish this treat too.

Adah Sharma

Adah Sharma

When you look at this heroine, you feel the same. As you can see, she is posing for the lens in such a way that you can relish her beautiful and silky back. Her embroidered blouse and her ornaments add to the beauty of Adah and her fair and smooth skin give that extra shine. Her smile is the icing on the cake.

Now Adah Sharma is coming with Garam movie which is getting ready for release. And again she is busy in the movie shoot for Kshanam movie. Even though she have beautiful looks and good dancing style they are less opportunities for her in the beginning. But now slowly she is filling her gap in the career with these movies.

Adah Sharma
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