cool: 30 Plus Actress In cool Look

Sony Charishta

30 Plus Actress

30 Plus Actress are more in the film industry. They say that women tend to ripe once they touch their 30s and start losing their young and fresh look. But here is one girl who is thirty plus but has retained her cooland sizzling look. She is none other than Sony Charishta and as you can see, she looks beautifully ladduz in the Blue saree and giving a good view of her well endowed assets. Her slender figure adds to the appeal so you can just eat this coolladdu.

Sonal Charishta is a model and an actress who entered into the film industry by Please Nannaku Pellaindi movie in 2005. AShe have done some movies in different film industry and had a good fame for her acting. She build up her career by her modelling and she is very good at acting.

Recently she had a photo shoot in blue saree in which she looks very pretty and awesome. After this photo shoot only people come to know that her age is 30 plus and still had a perfect and dynamic shape to act in more films. Even though the opportunties are less she is maintaining her outfit and making the fans that she is still young even in the age of 30 plus.

Sony Charishta
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