Heroines Marry Only After 40?

Heroines Marry Only After 40

The elders always say that some things have to be done at the right age and time. Marriage is also one among them and this is more important for the girls. However, such rules and regulations don’t apply for the heroines of the entertainment industry.

Most of the times, starlets marry once they touch their 30s but right now, there are few noted heroines who don’t seem to want marriage till they cross 40. The likes of awesome beauty Anushka, petite beauty Trisha and the sizzling beauty Shriya are in that.

Heroines Marry Only After 40

Heroines Marry Only After 40

For that matter, even the charming beauty Charmme and the gracious beauty Nayanthara fall in that list. There is no doubt that they still look young and beautiful but age is something that cannot be denied. Since most of their careers are going strong, they might marry only after 40.

They feel that if they marry they can’t get the opportunities as an actress in the lead role. So they just want to earn more money and after that they want to marry after 40 and settle down in the career. Now the problem is they want to marry in 40 but who are going to marry them in 40 is really a hard question in the film industry.

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Heroines Marry Only After 40
Due to the busy schedule in their career heroines want to marry after 40 and then they want to settle down in their career.