Hamsa Nandini: Cool Item Lady In TFI

Hamsa Nandini: Hottest Item Lady In TFI

Hamsa Nandini: Cool Item Lady In TFI

Hamsa Nandini: There was a time when item songs were just an optional requirement and it added masala whenever the makers felt necessary. But cut to the present, item songs have become more of a mandatory thing than just an option. And many item queens have emerged from that.

For a long time, the item song circuit was ruled by Mumaith Khan and later on, few other bombshells came into the scenario. Currently, the entire item scenario is being ruled by only one person. She is none other than Hamsa Nandini. Hamsa Nandini is an Indian model, dancer, and actress.

In Tollywood industry latest blockbuster films Attarintiki Daaredi, Legend, Mirchi and Laukyam. Apart from being big star movies, all these films have special item songs in them, And the same actress Hamsa Nandini shook her leg in all of them.

Out of the last eight big budget movies which have come, almost every movie has got Hamsa shaking her for a special song. A sentiment has also grown that her presence in a movie will give the film a hit at the box office. All in all, Hamsa’s time is running strong now.