Guntur Talkies cool Scenes increases Box Office Collections

Guntur Talkies Hot Scenes

The biggest challenge for any film maker is to come up with something that can increase the box office collections for his film. In this process, different methods are used but one of the smartest and shortcut method is to increase the glamor quotient.

Whenever there are some intimate scenes and coolscenes, it certainly creates that edge and the audience enjoys it in theaters. Currently, one film which has implemented that formula and reaping benefits is the recent release Guntur Talkies.

Guntur Talkies cool Scenes

Guntur Talkies cool Scenes

Directed by Praveen Sattaru, reports reveal that the B,C Centers are receiving this film very well and the reason for that is some really steamy scenes and skin show by the coolanchor Rashmi Gautham. The icing on the cake is the superb character essayed by cute seductress Shraddha Das.

This is a completely an ladduz film which can be watch only with the friends or alone but not with family. This is because from the beginning of the movie promotions the entire movie team is pointing on the same point. After watching the movie many expressed their views in a different way. But the fact is it’s an ladduz film which can be seen only for the age of 18+.

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Guntur Talkies Hot Scenes
Due to the hot scenes in Guntur Talkies movie the box office collections are highly increased now. Many are enjoying the movie as it came from a different joner.