Gopi Mohan Seeing New World


Gopi Mohan

Gopi Mohan is one of the most talented writer in Tollywood. Most of the times, the writers don’t get sufficient limelight in the entertainment industry because they work behind the screen. To an extent, the Paruchuri Brothers created a difference. In today’s time, only two names are heard often.

One is Kona Venkat and the other is Gopi Mohan. Among them, Gopi Mohan is now venturing into a new track. He has taken up direction and as a result, he is seeing an entirely new world, as per sources.

Gopi Mohan Most Intelligent Writer In Tollywood is none other than Gopi Mohan in the Tollywood film industry. There is an abundance of talent in Tollywood when it comes to the writing department but it takes special skill to stay ahead of the rest. One such name is that of Gopi. Though he works as a team with Kona Venkat, Gopi has a special respect.

It is heard that wherever he is going, he is being flooded by heroes and heroines greeting him warmly. Even some of the technicians are taking initiative to contact him. The underlying objective for all is get an opportunity to be part of his movie. All this is a new experience for Gopi.


Gopi Mohan
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Story Writer