Gemini And MAA Channels Are The Saviours Of Tollywood

Gemini And MAA Channels

Gemini And MAA Channels

Gemini And MAA Channels really helping the movie makers for making more number of movies. There was a time when movies were made with the confidence that the satellite rights will make up for at least a sizeable part of the money spent. But in the last few years, many channels have begun working on revenue sharing model.

In this process, only two channels are being called as the saviors of Tollywood. They are the Gemini and MAA channels. Till date, these are the only two channels which are still coming forward to buy good movies irrespective of star power.

Gemini And MAA ChannelsAt the same time, they are also offering some premium prices to grab good movies. The makers are hailing these two channels for their passion towards cinema and add that it is giving them the confidence to make more movies in the future.

These channels helping out the producers for making more number of movies. Other channels are not trying to take the movies of low budget. This makes loss for the movie producer. There are some good movies which are build up on the low budget. Those movies should buy by the other channels also and they should help out for the movie makers.

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Gemini And MAA Channels
Gemini And MAA Channels are buying the good movies of low budget and helping out the movie makers for producing new movies.