First Telangana Film Awards In Big Way


Post the bifurcation of unified Andhra Pradesh, every event is happening twice across both the Telugu states. Prior to bifurcation, Nandi awards was the standard event but now it would be held twice. In that aspect, the Telangana film awards is taking significance.

Since it is going to happen for the first time, the Telangana government is taking it very prestigiously. Recently, the IIFA Utsavam also happened with the strong support of Telangana government and it became a huge success.

Telangana Film Awards

Telangana Film Awards

With this experience, the first Telangana film awards are being worked out and plans are on to conduct it in a very big way. The IT and Panchayat Raj Minister KTR is very keen on doing something very grand and memorable. Get ready for this.

After the separation of Andhra and Telangana it is being very common to conduct any function with big budget and having the prestigious function. This time also Telangana want to show up their individuality by offering the film awards to the actors in the film industry. This may become one of the prestigious fucntion after the separation for the film industry. If this happens then again Andhra should get ready for another award function.

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Telangana Film Awards
Film Awards are going to given by the Telangana Government and this shows up their level of separation from Andhra.