Film Producer Raj Kandukuri Crazy Of Cars

Raj Kandukuri Crazy Of Cars

 Raj Kandukuri Crazy Of Cars

Raj Kandukuri Crazy Of Cars who wants to by Rolls Royce. Each one of us has our own share of craze and fancy towards certain things. For many men, it is cars and there is one producer in Tollywood whose only craze is towards swanky and latest premium cars.

His name is Raj Kandukuri and from the time he has stepped into the industry, he is seen with a different variety of big car right from Range Rover to BMW to Jaguar to Mercedes Benz to Porsche and many others.

All big cars he keeps using and selling from time to time. Sources say Raj Kandukuri’s dream is to buy Rolls Royce but since the company sees range, credentials and profile he is busy building that. Best of luck Raj! Raj Kandukri now currently working with Nayaki movie. There are two more producers for this movie other than Raj Kandukuri.

The main role in Nayaki movie played by Trisha. This movie is a horror and suspense thriller. In this movie the ghost asks the director to take movie with her as they come for the shoot where the girl is dead.After this movie there will be a some high income for Raj Kandukuri so that he can have his dream car with him very soon.

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