Film Makers Happy Moment in Tollywood

Film Makers

It is a festive time for film makers and also overall the film industry as a whole if certain reports are to be believed. The government of Telangana had constituted a cabinet subcommittee recently to take decisions to support film industry.

In this regard, the subcommittee has lifted the ceiling of only 4 films a day in theatres to 5 screenings each day with a condition that at least one show has to be allocated for small films. Moreover small films can be released in 50 screens instead of 30 screens earlier.

Film Makers

Film Makers

This is indeed a welcome news because in an era where most films try to get maximum collections in the first few days itself, one extra show in every theatre is a great boost. The latest decisions are also a scoolin the arm for those who make small budget films.

This decision is taken because every month many small films are releasing and people even don’t know whether the film is released or not. As the small films are not able to provide more promotions in the film industry there is no chance to get the profits also. So this time Telangana Government have taken this decision to get the profits and to encourage small movies at a time.

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Film Makers
Film Makers will be more happy for having the good work as there are more small films that are not having the theaters are now can be easily allocated by Telangana Government.