Film Industry Searching For New Hub Abroad Maldives


Tollywood is famous not only for entertaining new beauties from different parts of this country but also for coming up with new locations. There are many filmmakers who try to explore different parts of the world for shooting and giving a fresh experience.

Now, it is heard that the film industry is searching for a new hub abroad. They are feeling too monotonous with places like Dubai, Bangkok, Singapore and other European countries so they are scouting for a place which has not been explored and close by.



In this regard, it is heard that Maldives is being recommended by few travel industry experts. However, the cost involved would be slightly premium because Maldives is an expensive place but it is worth every penny. The coming days will give us further clarity.

In past for every movie there will be shoot in the same location like UK, US. But now each movie is planning a different place for shoot. This is because people are fond of looking the backgrounds of the movie. Tamil movies will be having high craze only for this reason. So Tollywood also started to choose different places for the movie shoot. Maldives is a nice place which can express the romantic film in an easy way.

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Maldives is choose by the different movie units for their next project. Because all the European countries are so common now.