Fears Around Shakeela Auto Biography Book

Shakeela Auto Biography

Shakeela Auto Biography

Shakeela Auto Biography is getting ready to releaase in Telugu. Though electronic and web media is dominating today’s times, there is always a special value and regard for print. This is the reason why you see many book lover even today. But here is something.

It is heard that a book is causing a lot of fear among the film fraternity of the south. This is the autobiography which is being penned by the cool goddess of the south Shakeela. A talk is making rounds that all got alerted.

Shakeela is already working on it and sources say she will wait for the right time and release it. After the release she will go and settle abroad. Some feel there is a need to ban the book because they don’t know how many heroes and directors tales will come out.

Shakeela mostly acted up in B grade movies in almost all the film industry. Now she didn’t have a single opportunity in her carrer. She entertained many people with her looks and shapes in those days. The movies trend itself ruled by her in few films in the past.

Recently she came up with her Auto Biography book and everyone is afraid of her on what basis she wrote the book and how many secrets have been revealed out from that book about the people who worked with her.

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Artist in the films